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The City of Bloomingdale provides sanitation services to all its residents and businesses. Each service consist of one household trash receptacle and one recycling receptacle. Household garbage should be placed in the roll-out carts provided by the City.


  • Every Friday: All Household/Business garbage pickup

  • Every Thursday: Commercial Dumpster pickup

  • Every other Wednesday: Recycle pickup 

The City of Bloomingdale contracts with Waste Pro for household garbage & recycling pickup. The following information serves as a reminder of the procedures that should be followed regarding the garbage pickup service:

  • Trash service is not included in the contract.

  • Do not place yard trash in the container or on the ground next to the garbage container.

  • Trash, yard waste, and limbs should be placed in a different location away from the garbage container.

  • All garbage must be placed inside of the garbage container not on the lid or on the ground next to the container. The driver will not pick up garage that is not placed in the assigned garbage container.

  • Do not overload the container. If you find that you have more garbage on a regular basis than the container will hold, you should contact the City Hall, additional containers are available for a nominal monthly fee.

  • Place the container with the lid opening towards the street. Containers must be placed at least two feet apart and side by side. Also, the container must be placed at least three (3) feet away from, and not behind, any parked vehicles, mail boxes, or other obstructions.

  •  Please place the container next to the street/roadway the evening prior to collection day or no later than 7:00am the day of collection.

  • All garbage cans should be removed from the City rights of way as soon as the possible after the can has been emptied.


If your garbage is not picked up, you should contact City Hall at (912)748-0970 as soon as possible.

Commercial Dumpster Rates

2 YARD - $73.00/MONTH

4 YARD - $88.00/MONTH

6 YARD - $114.00/MONTH

8 YARD - $163.00/MONTH

Visit WastePro's web site at

You can contact WastePro by calling (912)965-0777 or by clicking the appropriate item below:





The following information outlines the City's current policies regarding dry trash pickup services:

  • Small items and amounts of debris, minimum accumulation of limbs. City crews will continue to pick up small items and amounts of debris, as well as minimal accumulations of limbs for grinding at no charge. These items should be cut and baled, tied, bundled, stacked, packaged, or bagged in a neat and orderly manner. Do not place these items next to the garbage container. These items must be in lengths no greater than 3 foot and/or weigh no more than 50 lbs and loadable in 5 minutes or less.

  • Dry trash will be picked up two to three days per week, but the scheduled days may vary due to other work projects.

  • Limbs suitable for grinding should be stacked on the shoulder of the road for the limb grinder. Do not place limbs next to the garbage container. Remember, only minimal accumulations of limbs will be handled at no charge. The limb grinder will continue to run on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month, unless the volume of limbs or other work projects require an adjustment in the schedule. Limbs must be out by 8:00am to allow the supervisor time to evaluate the workload and schedule the route for the limb grinder.


Large tree branches, heavy brush, furniture, appliances, etc:

  • If you have other items, such as mattresses, appliances, furniture, and/or larger accumulations of limbs for grinding, special arrangements for collection must be made through the clerk's office.

  • Special fees shall be paid for debris collection or grinding services computed on the basis of crew hours required to make the collection or grind the limbs.

  • The total fee will be based on the following: $25.00 for every fifteen (15) minutes required to load the debris or grind the limbs with a minimum cost of $25.00. After a determination by the supervisor of the amount of time required for removal of the debris or limbs, said fees must be paid, in advance, at the City Hall.

  • Removal of these items will be scheduled according to the availability of staff and equipment.


Collection service will not be provided for some items.

  • There will be no pick ups made by City crews for materials used in the construction or remodeling of buildings or resulting from the demolition of buildings.

  • Neither will they pick up logs, stumps or limbs resulting from commercial or major tree trimming operations.

  • Crews will not pick up explosive or flammable liquids and materials of other hazardous waste. 


For curbside dry trash please contact the Public Works Department to make arrangements for pick up 912-748-0268.


Dry Trash is defined as rubbish including waste paper, cartons, boxes, wood, tree branches, yard trimmings, furniture, appliances, metals, glass, construction and demolition wastes and similar materials, but not food containers or contaminated materials.


Trash truck available, at minimal charge, for cleanups, etc.

If you have large accumulations of remodeling debris, major tree trimming materials, or if you plan to do some spring cleaning, special arrangements can be made to bring the trash truck to you for the loading of the debris.


The trash truck is only available on a limited basis during the week, but is usually available for weekend use.


The trash truck can be used by individuals and/or churches for a fee of $25 plus the cost to dump the debris. A $200 deposit must be paid when the truck is reserved and the fees will be deducted from the deposit as soon as the truck is emptied and the tonnage cost determined. If the total cost is more than the $200 deposit, the customer must pay the balance immediately after notification. An agreement will be prepared for the customer to sign prior to the delivery of the truck.


PLEASE NOTE: There are some items that cannot be loaded on the truck such as tires, batteries, paint, explosives, flammable liquids and materials and other hazardous waste.


EPD allows some open burning for leaves, limbs.

The City has been advised by the EPD that an individual can burn any limbs, leaves or straw from trees or bushes on their property, but you are required to obtain a burn permit from the Georgia Forestry Department.

Permits can be obtained by calling 1-877-652-2876.


Remember, this only covers natural vegetation, not other household rubbish or garbage. These items cannot be burned in ditches or drainage canals as this causes problems with area drainage!



Citizens can use the county landfill on Kelly Hill Road

The nearest county drop-off center is located on Kelly Hill Road (next to Carolyn's florist on Hwy 80) in Garden City. There is currently no charge for the use of the landfill by individuals. The landfill is open from 8:00am until 5:00pm, Tuesdays through Saturdays. The landfill contains large dumpsters for yard waste, iron, metal, bulky items, such as appliances, couches, chairs, etc., but no household garbage, paint, batteries, tires or asbestos are permitted. Recycling bins are also available at this location for aluminum and glass containers.

If you wish to utilize the Chatham County Landfill for dry trash debris it is located at 50 Kelly Hill Road, Garden City.  For questions or information you may contact them at 912-652-6840 or log into the Chatham County website at: 


PUBLIC WORKS: 912-748-0268

WATER/SEWER: 912-433-0040

CITY HALL: 912-748-0970

DRY TRASH SERVICES: 912-748-0268

WASTEPRO: 912-965-0777

OPEN BURN PERMIT: 1-877-652-2876


8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday - Friday

Superintendent: Ernie Gizzard



Payments can be made at City Hall with our convenient Drive Thru Window or inside at the Walk Up Window. We also have a night drop slot which is located to the right of our drive thru window underneath the window shutter.


You may also opt to mail your bill - P.O. Box 216 Bloomingdale, GA 31302.

County Landfill
Open Burn Permit
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Dry Trash Debris
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